Learn more about our LABs, Academy, and Studio Services.

One of our primary services is guiding and facilitating creative design processes. You may have thought about defining your brand story or upgrading your brand experience. These processes may take a lot of time and resources when done internally, and we understand why you may have been postponing them. That is why we are coming with our solutions in the form of LABs by AdventureLAB.

The LABs are a series of creation and innovation programmes, designed to help you get from thought to action within a relatively short period. The programmes merge disciplines such as integrated marketing, storytelling, digital innovation, hybrid thinking and experience design to create platforms that will make great ideas succeed even before production begins.

Integrated Storytelling is our multi-platform, multi-level method for creating stories. It is the basis for story experiences that apply, combine, and transcend disciplines and technologies, and places the audience in the centre of the design process.

We use Integrated Storytelling as a design method, to create a synergy between the story and the experience while empowering the audience with new roles and ways to immerse themselves in engaging memorable moments.

For you as a storyteller, designer or brand owner, these principles unlock new ways of bringing your stories to life. Anyone who engages with the experiences you create with Integrated Storytelling will open the door to new, exciting adventures and lasting memories.

Are you working within the themed entertainment industry or planning to put together a branded experience for your customers, or perhaps you want to upgrade your retail experience? Then you will be interested in what we call our Studio Services. In our Studio, you can find information on creative services we provide: concept development, storytelling by design, experience design, and digital innovation.