For immediate release: AdventureLAB launches upgraded system of services to empower creative teams

July 20th, 2020

AdventureLAB 360 puts the creator in the centre, providing services that improve skills and outcomes with three different approaches.

AdventureLAB introduces their upgraded system of training and creative services, meeting companies’ need to grow their potential without hiring and deliver while keeping teams agile and dynamic. The system, named AdventureLAB 360 is now available to individual professionals and teams all around the world. It incorporates the categories Academy, Studio X and Live which support the creators at different stages – from training through co-creation, development to delivery.

These services are effectively delivered to organisations around the world thanks to AdventureLAB’s well-established work methodology for remote collaboration and experience with remote training and facilitation.

With the Academy Services, individual professionals and entire creative teams can now develop skills in Integrated Storytelling, AdventureLAB’s design method for creating story experiences – by taking courses and other training programs online or on location. If they need immediate support and involvement in the creative concept development process, with Studio X, AdventureLAB provides expertise on a one-to-one basis to creative leadership as well as part of an extended team. AdventureLAB Live, on the other hand, brings professionals together at events and conferences to discover industry trends and boost innovation.

“AdventureLAB 360 addresses the needs we have observed and have been presented with through the years. We are here to help innovators and creators fly higher with concepts that combine storytelling and experience design, all while they adapt to and benefit from a new reality of team structures stretching across boundaries of disciplines and borders.” – Klaus Sommer Paulsen, founder of AdventureLABA

About AdventureLAB: AdventureLAB is the integrated storytelling and experience design studio based in Aarhus Denmark. It was founded in 2011 by Klaus Sommer Paulsen, who has a recognised career in the experience industry, is a member of Themed Entertainment Association’s International Board and Chair of VIA University College’s Multiplatform Storytelling & Production BA programme. He has received honours from Thea Awards, Webby Awards and others and is a regular award jury member.

Brand Manager: Ecaterina Capatina